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Iphone 5-white color - 16 GB for sale-Excellent co
Iphone 5-white color - 16 GB for sale-Excellent condition / / Factory Unlocked -Like New ,please see the attached pictures / / Latest Version 8.3 is updated on the phone . / / P  
Posted on: 4/22/2015  New
Price:/span> BD. 110.000  
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URGENT SALE - / / Washing Machine (Semi Auto) - Elekta for Sale / Serious buyers can contact me on 38892329  
Posted on:n: 4/12/2015  New
Price: BD. 28.000

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we supply the latest automatic ssd, universal solution, activating powders / and specialize in cleaning all types of defaced notes, black notes, / anti-breeze, stamped, marked or  
Posted on:n: 7/5/2015  New
Price: BD. 100.000  

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3 2 sofa to be sold in very good condition.  
sofa in very good condition.  
Posted on:n: 4/22/2015  New
Price: BD. 30.000  

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Review: HTC One (M8) - The smartphone that changes everything… once more

HTC is concerning the just-announced model because the all new HTC One or the HTC One (M8). M8, by the way, would possibly visit the actual fact that this can be the eight flagship smartphone that HTC has launched. Last year’s HTC One model, as you would possibly have guessed, has been cited because the M7.

It’s all slightly confusing and peculiar, particularly to somebody with a selling background like myself. however over time it shouldn’t matter as long as HTC picks one single name to whole the device with and remains consistent across all selling and advertising.

There will ANy doubt} be an initial chorus of fretful web log posts whining concerning the confusion encompassing the phone’s name, and a few of them can keep points. however within the end of the day, it extremely won’t matter a lot of. Now, one in all the foremost vital things to remember of from the offset with the new HTC One is that appears is deceiving.

From afar, the M8 appearance terribly just like last year’s One. Having an equivalent name actually doesn’t facilitate matters either. however the new HTC One isn't a minor, unvarying update. It’s not a bunch of newer elements stuffed into an equivalent case. it's a greenhorn smartphone from prime to bottom, within and out. Starting with the housing, HTC fully redesigned the device’s case. it's similar from afar however I assure you, there square measure lots of vital variations.

Movie Review: How Old Are You (Malayalam (2014) by Manju Warrier / Roshan Andrews)

Roshan Andrews tells a simple tale of how a woman, saddened by snubs, carves her own path to glory. This is not a sweeping beauty of a film, but powerful enough to demonstrate how much an actress like Manju Warrier has been missed over the years. There is a passion that comes from its makers and the lead actor that lends the film a lovely touch.

The narrative doesn't claim anything exceptional. It's about a middle-aged married woman named Nirupama who works as a UD clerk. Manju brings in a lazy drag to her strides, suggestive of the inescapable boredom that has entangled her. The frustration of submitting to a routine of tending to her family's needs and office work comes out as harmless expression of rudeness, sometimes a contortion of lips at being reminded of reaching office on time or a scowling look at a junior who counsels her on promptness of duty.

Bobby-Sanjay employ useful elements measurably from the mould of popular woman-oriented tales of glory. This doesn't blot a narrative brilliantly put forth by Manju and Kunchako Boban who ensures a solid presence in the film while playing the role of her husband.